Case Studies

Innovative solutions are built with Callback Technolgies products

Censhare Digital Experience Platform

Censhare is the all-in-one solution enabling companies to deploy a range of different communication instruments and channels in order to address, inform and attend to their target groups. Integrated, across-media, quickly and efficiently.

Censhare technology consists of a high performing semantic information management and collaboration system which customers also use for digital asset management, product information management and as translation memory. With the four channel modules of print, online, mobile and social media the world of integrated communication and global publishing is wide open. In addition to individual and comprehensive implementations, Censhare customers are also benefiting from lean, modular and scalable SaaS solutions precisely tailored to their specific requirements.

For a seamless integration with other applications that "think" in and work best with regular files our solution provides the digital asset files through a virtual file system (VFS). The VFS creates a virtual drive that behaves just like an ordinary volume (e.g. hard disk) even so the files are actually managed and stored on a server. The Censhare solution is cross platform and available for macOS and Windows. For Windows Censhare relies on the proven and reliable CBFS solution to create such virtual drives.

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XtreemFS is a distributed file system with advanced features like replication, snapshots or X.509 certificate based authentication with transport layer encryption. It is suitable for federated infrastructures that can be spread over multiple datacenters and usable for a wide range of applications like storing home directories, VM images or even in a HPC or Hadoop cluster. XtreemFS is open source and available under the BSD license.

Users can access XtreemFS with clients for Windows, Linux, macOS or Hadoop. XtreemFS developers used the CBFS to develop the Windows client. CBFS has shown to be a robust solution to integrate novel file systems into Windows with moderate effort.

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The Xbox 360 console uses a different kind of file system that isn't supported natively by any operating system. FATXplorer was designed to successfully handle this file system in order to provide users with direct access to their saved games, downloadable content, and games. With the professionally developed CBFS component, FATXplorer is able to create virtual disks representative of the different partitions found on Xbox 360 storage devices. These virtual disks make it extremely easy for users to carry out common operations such as cut, copy, and paste on files and directories previously inaccessible. CBFS has saved development time that would have essentially been used to create and maintain a limited version of Windows' File Explorer within the application.

FATXplorer is used by people all around the world. It provides a comprehensive feature set that makes it a key tool in any Xbox 360 owner's collection.

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