How To Start using the API

  1. Call SetRegistrationKey() method and pass your license key in order to activate the library.
  2. Ensure that the drivers are installed by calling GetModuleStatus() method. If they are not, install drivers.
  3. Call SolFSStorage.Initialize() method.
  4. Create new storage using SolFSStorage constructor or open existing storage using another form of SolFSStorage constructor.
  5. Add a disk letter or a UNC mounting point for the storage with AddMountingPoint() method.
  6. Create and use files in the storage using SolFSStream class. In OS edition all (or chosen) running processes including your own can access files on the virtual disk using system Windows API (and .NET API) functions via the mounting point you've added.
  7. Close the storage using SolFSStorage.Close() method.
For more information check the how-to instructions about basic tasks with CBFS Storage.