Error codes

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[Pascal] [DLL] [C++ (VCL)] [C++ (.NET)] [C#] [VB] [Java] Value Description
System errors Any positive error codes (i.e. error code 1 and above) These error codes are reported by the OS. For Windows see WinError.h in Platform SDK for details.
errInvalidStorageFile -1 The file is not a SolFS storage
errInvalidPageSize -2 Page size is not valid
errStorageFileCorrupted -3 There are errors in storage file
errTooManyTransactionsCommiting -4 Too many transactions are opened at the same time
errFileOrDirectoryAlreadyExists -5 An attempt is done to create a file or directory with the name that is already taken
errExitsActiveTransactions -6 There are open transactions when the storage is closed
errTagAlreadyExistInFile -7 Specified tag is already present in a file
errFileNotFound -8 File with given name has not been found
errPathNotFound -9 Some directories of the specified path have not been found
errSharingViolation -10 File is already opened in a mode that forbids other open operation in specified mode
errSeekBeyondEOF -11 Position specified in Seek operation is beyond the end of file
errNoMoreFiles -12 FindFirst/FindNext operation has not found more files that match the search criteria
errInvalidFileName -13 The file name is not valid (contains forbidden characters)
errStorageActive -14 Storage is opened
errStorageNotActive -15 Storage is not opened
errInvalidPassword -16 Specified password is not valid
errStorageReadOnly -17 Storage is opened in read-only mode
errNoEncryptionHandlers -18 Custom encryption requested but encryption handlers were not set
errOutOfMemory -19 There was not enough memory to complete the operation
errLinkDestinationNotFound -20 Symbolic link is broken
errFileIsNotSymLink -21 Object is not a symbolic link
errBufferTooSmall -22 Specified buffer is too small to complete the operation
errBadCompressedData -23 There was an error during decompression. Storage is most likely corrupted
errInvalidParameter -24 Specified parameter is not valid
errStorageFull -25 Fixed-sized storage is full
errInterruptedByUser -26 Operation was interrupted by the user
errTagNotFound -27 Specified tag has not been found
errDirectoryNotEmpty -28 Directory contains files or other directories
errHandleClosed -29 Specified handle has been closed
errInvalidStreamHandle -30 Stream handle is not valid
errFileAccessDenied -31 File access is not allowed
errNoCompressionHandlers -32 Custom compression handlers have not been set
errInternalError -200 Oops

OS-specific error codes


CBFS Storage driver can return one of Win32 error codes on its own (i.e. not from CBFS Storage engine) as described below.

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