SolFSStorage.FilesEncryption property


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Sets default encryption algorithm used with files being created.


    property FilesEncryption: TSolFSEncryption;

[Plain C]
    not applicable;

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    SolFSEncryption get_FilesEncryption()
    void set_FilesEncryption(SolFSEncryption Value)

[C++ (VCL)]
    __property TSolFSEncryption FilesEncryption;

[C++ (.NET)]
    SolFSEncryption get_FilesEncryption()
    void set_FilesEncryption(SolFSEncryption Value)

    SolFSEncryption FilesEncryption

    Property FilesEncryption As SolFSEncryption

    SolFSEncryption getFilesEncryption()
    void setFilesEncryption(SolFSEncryption value)

Values of StorageEncryption


This property specifies default encryption for operations (namely stream creation) which don't include encryption as a parameter.
Default value is 0 (no encryption). If encryption is used, use FilesPassword property to specify the password for encryption.

See also

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