SolFSStorage.Reopen method


Pascal    Plain C    C++ (DLL/Lib)    C++ (VCL)    C++ (.NET)    C#    VB.NET    Java 



Reopens a previously opened storage object.


    procedure Reopen;

[Plain C]
    long _stdcall StorageReopen(unsigned long Storage, const wchar_t* FileName);

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    void Reopen();

[C++ (VCL)]
    void Reopen();

[C++ (.NET)]
    void Reopen();

    void Reopen();

    Sub Reopen()

    void reopen()


  • [Plain C] Storage - a handle to the opened SolFSStorage.
  • [Plain C] FileName - the name of the storage file on physical media.

[Plain C]  Return values

0 if the function succeeded or one of Error codes if the function failed.


Use this method to re-open the storage, which has been opened before a call to Reopen() method. Re-opening means reopening the underlying storage media (via file API or callback functions) without re-reading it or re-initializing the internal structures. The method is useful when the storage is located on the removeable media which was removed and then inserted again.