SolFSStorage.OpenVolume method


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Opens the volume, formatted to SolFS.


    procedure OpenVolume(const VolumePath: TSolFSString);

[Plain C]
    long _stdcall StorageOpenVolume( const unsigned short * VolumePath, unsigned long* Storage, char UseTransactions, char UseAccessTime);

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    void OpenVolume(const unsigned short * VolumePath);

[C++ (VCL)]
    void OpenVolume(const TSolFSString VolumePath);

[C++ (.NET)]
    void OpenVolume(String* volumePath);

    void OpenVolume(string volumePath);

    Sub OpenVolume(ByVal volumePath As String)

    not applicable;


  • VolumePath - Disk name
  • [Plain C] Storage - returns handle to the opened SolFSStorage.
  • [Plain C] UseTranactions - set this parameter to True to enable transactions and journalling. Note, that transactions slow down file write operations significantly.
  • [Plain C] UseAccessTime - defines whether last access time is written to storage when the file/folder is accessed. Writing access time slows down the operations.

[Plain C]  Return values

0 if the function succeeded or one of Error codes if the function failed.


Use this method to open a disk volume (partition) formatted to SolFS. All parameters are taken from the properties which must be set before calling the method. This method calls IsSolFSVolume internally so there's no need to check if the volume has been formatted to SolFS separately.

Volume name can be represented as "X:" or "X:\" where X is the drive letter or as "HarddiskVolumeN" where N is the number of the volume.

See also

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