SolFSStorage.IsSolFSStorage method


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Checks if the file is a valid storage


    function IsSolFSStorage() : boolean;

[Plain C]
    long _stdcall StorageIsValidStorage(const wchar_t* FileName);
    long _stdcall StorageIsValidStorageCB(const wchar_t* FileName, CallbackDataType UserData, SolFSCreateFileFunc CreateFileFunc, SolFSOpenFileFunc OpenFileFunc, SolFSCloseFileFunc CloseFileFunc, SolFSFlushFileFunc FlushFileFunc, SolFSDeleteFileFunc DeleteFileFunc, SolFSGetFileSizeFunc GetFileSizeFunc, SolFSSetFileSizeFunc SetFileSizeFunc, SolFSSeekFileFunc SeekFileFunc, SolFSReadFileFunc ReadFileFunc, SolFSWriteFileFunc WriteFileFunc);

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    bool IsSolFSStorage();

[C++ (VCL)]
    bool __fastcall IsSolFSStorage();

[C++ (.NET)]
    bool IsSolFSStorage()

    bool IsSolFSStorage()

    Function IsSolFSStorage() As Boolean

    boolean isSolFSStorage()


  • FileName - [Plain C] - the name of storage file.
  • delegates (event handlers) - see corresponding delegate/event type description.

Return value

    True if specified file seems to be a valid storage and False if not.

     [Plain C]  0 if the function succeeded or one of Error codes if the function failed.


Use IsSolFSStorage to check if the file is a valid SolFS storage, without actually opening the storage. In all interfaces except DLL/Lib the name of the storage file must be set using FileName property before calling this method. In the DLL/Lib function, there exists the Filename parameter for this.
The method can throw exception (except the DLL/Lib function) if the error other than "not a SolFS storage" happens.
Note, that this method doesn't perform CheckAndRepair operation on the storage to ensure, that the storage is completely valid. Call CheckAndRepair separately when needed.

See also

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