CbRegInformation.RawData property


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Returns a reference to the data buffer.


    property RawData : Pointer;

[C++ (Lib)]
    PVOID GetRawData(void);

[C++ (VCL)]
    __property void* RawData;

[C++ (.NET)]
    property IntPtr RawData;

    IntPtr RawData;

    Public Property RawData As IntPtr


This read-only property references a serialized structure with data, format of which is determined by the class of the information (KeyInformationClass parameter of the callback/event). The length of the data and the buffer are determined using RawDataLength and RawDataBufferLength accordingly. The handler can modify contents of this property if needed, and if this is done, you need to set RawDataChanged property to true, so that the API passes the changes to the OS.

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