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This read-only property specifies the port to which the socket was actually bound.


    unsigned getMessengerPortBound(void);

    property MessengerPortBound : word;

    not implemented;

    not implemented;

    public int MessengerPortBound;

    Public Property MessengerPortBound As Integer

    public int getMessengerPortBound();

[Java ME]
    not applicable;

    unsigned short __stdcall IPCUDPTransportGetMessengerPortBound(HIPCUDPTransport h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    Specifies the port to which the socket was actually bound. Use this property to get the actual port value, to which the socket was bound, in case when MessengerPort property was set to 0.

    Note that due to asynchronous nature of the operation, the port is bound not when you set Active property of the transport to true, but a bit later. So you need to check the value of this property in a loop until it returns a non-zero value.