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UDPTransport     See also    

Removes the transport from the list of sockets using the given multicast address.


    public LeaveMulticastGroup( char* GroupAddress );

    constructor LeaveMulticastGroup( GroupAddress : string );

    Sub IIPCXUDPTransport2.LeaveMulticastGroup(GroupAddress As String)

    void IIPCUDPTransport2.LeaveMulticastGroup( [in] BSTR GroupAddress );

    public void LeaveMulticastGroup( string GroupAddress);

    Public Sub LeaveMulticastGroup(ByVal GroupAddress As String)

    public void LeaveMulticastGroup( String GroupAddress);

[Java ME]
    not implemented;

    void __stdcall IPCUDPTransportLeaveMulticastGroup( HIPCUDPTransport h, char* GroupAddress);


  • [DLL]h - handle to UDPTransport object that was returned by Create method

  • GroupAddress - Multicast address of the group


    Use this method to remove multicast socket from the group. Note, that if the transport is active, this method restarts the transport so that sockets are initialized without participation in multicast group.

See also:     LeaveMulticastGroup