MMFTransport class

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MMFTransport is used to send messages between threads and processes on one computer.


    MMFTransport is a descendant of BaseTransport that transfers messages between threads and processes on one computer using Memory-Mapped File (MMF). MMFTransport is quicker and more secure to use than SocketTransport on local system. MMFTransport creates 2 (two) worker threads for sending and receiving messages, so it should be used with care.
    Memory Mappings are created with "all access" security so any process is able to communicate with any other process in the system. This makes it possible to use MMFTransport to communicate between services or drivers and user-level applications, but at the same time such security level makes it theoretically possible to fake a side in the conversation and intersept sensitive data. MMFTransport doesn't make use of Transformer classes. To ensure complete security use SocketTransport transport.

    Message address for MMFMessenger looks like

  • Name is the value of Name property of the transport. Default name for this transport is "MMF";
  • MessengerName is the value of MessengerName property of the recipient transport;
  • QueueName is the name of the queue

    MMFTransport class is only available on Windows, Windows CE and Linux/QNX platforms. MMFTransport is not supported with .NET CF due to limitations of Compact Framework.

    Note: On Linux there's certain specifics in MMFTransport operations. If the process is not shut down gracefully, several mappings whose names start with the value of MessengerName property are left. Your application must delete these file from /tmp directory on each startup. The files are not deleted automatically to ensure that somebody else's (ie other process's) file is not deleted.


    Inherited from BaseTransport


    Inherited from BaseTransport