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Defines whether the messenger can send and receive messages.


    void setMaxTimeout(unsigned long Value);
    unsigned long getMaxTimeout();

    property MaxTimeout : Cardinal;

    Property MaxTimeOut As Long

    HRESULT _stdcall MaxTimeOut([in] unsigned long Value );
    HRESULT _stdcall MaxTimeOut([out, retval] unsigned long * Value );

    public int MaxTimeout;

    Public Property MaxTimeout As Integer

    public void setMaxTimeout(long value);
    public long getMaxTimeout();

[Java ME]
    public void setMaxTimeout(long value);
    public long getMaxTimeout();

    void __stdcall IPCMessengerSetMaxTimeout(HIPCMessenger h, unsigned long value);
    unsigned long __stdcall IPCMessengerGetMaxTimeout(HIPCMessenger h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    This property defines the maximum time (in milliseconds) SendMessage will wait until cancelling operation and marking the message as failed.
    Unlike Windows, where the recipient's existence can be determined, in distributed environment it is possible, that the operation will last forever (due to crash of network connection or remote side). Needless to say, that such situation will make application unstable. In this case it makes sense to set some time, after which the operation is cancelled.
    Set the value to max. 32-bit value (0xFFFFFFFF) to force SendMessage wait infinitely. Remember that there is hardly a way to cancel the message once it was sent by SendMessage.

See also:     SendMessage