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Sends a message to the recipient without waiting for result.


    void PostMessage(char* Destination, IPCMessage* Message, IPCMessageCredentials* Credentials);

    procedure PostMessage( Destination : string; var Message : TIPCMessage; Credentials : PIPCMessageCredentials);

    Sub PostMessage(Destination As String, Message As IIPCXMessage, Credentials As IPCXMessageCredentials)

    HRESULT _stdcall PostMessage([in] BSTR Destination, [in] IIPCXMessage * Message, [in] IIPCXMessageCredentials * Credentials);

    public void PostMessage(string Destination, IPCMessage Message, IPCMessageCredentials —redentials);

    Public Sub PostMessage(ByVal Destination As String, ByVal Message As IPCMessage, ByVal Credentials As IPCMessageCredentials)

    public void postMessage(String destination, IPCMessage Message, IPCMessageCredentials credentials);

[Java ME]
    public synchronized void postMessage(String destination, IPCMessage Message, IPCMessageCredentials credentials);

    long __stdcall IPCMessengerPostMessage(HIPCMessenger h, char* Destination, IPCMessage* Message, IPCMessageCredentials* Credentials, bool* res);


  • [DLL]h - handle to the Messenger object that was returned by Create method

  • Destination - The address of the message recipient. See more here
  • Message - The message to be sent. See more here
  • Credentials - (optional) Credentials to be set for the message. Can be set to null (nil) if credentials system is not used. See more here

Return value

    If there was no transport found IPCE_NOTRANSPORT is returned, otherwise IPC_OK is returned.


     This method sends a message for which reply is not needed. Destination Messenger doesn't send any reply to sender.
For information about error and timeout handling see Error and Timeout Handling topic.