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Returns an incoming message and leaves it in the queue.


    void MessageProcessed(IPCMessage* Message);

    procedure MessageProcessed(var Message : TIPCMessage);

    Sub MessageProcessed(Message As IIPCXMessage)

    HRESULT _stdcall MessageProcessed([in] IIPCXMessage * Message);

    public void MessageProcessed(ref ref IPCMessage Message)

    Public Sub MessageProcessed(ByRef Message As IPCMessage)

    public void messageProcessed(IPCMessage message);

[Java ME]
    public synchronized void messageProcessed(IPCMessage message);

    long __stdcall IPCMessengerMessageProcessed(HIPCMessenger h, IPCMessage* Message);


  • [DLL]h - handle to the Messenger object that was returned by Create method

  • Message - The message structure that was processed and should be discarded (reply sent, internal records cleared etc). See more here

Return value

    IPC_OK is always returned.


    Call this method after the application has taken the message using GetMessage or PeekMessage methods and has handled them. This is done to send a return value (if necessary), dispose of the binary data and clear internal records.
    This method together with GetMessage and PeekMessage is an alternative to using Queues.

    Note: you should not call this method in message handlers (i.e. if you are using Queue objects to handle messages).

See also:     Queue class     IPCMessage structure     GetMessage     PeekMessage