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MessageHandlers     See also    

Adds new item to the list.


    IPCMessageHandler* Add();

    function Add : TMessageHandler;

    Function Add() As IPCXMessageHandler

    HRESULT _stdcall Add([out, retval] IIPCXMessageHandler ** Result );

    public MessageHandler Add();

    Public Function Add() As MessageHandler

    public IPCMessageHandler add();

[Java ME]
    public IPCMessageHandler add();

    HIPCMessageHandler __stdcall IPCMessageHandlersAdd(HIPCMessenger h);


  • h - handle to the MessageHandlers object that was taken from Queue.Handlers property

Return value

    A reference to the created MessageHandler object.


    Call this method to create an instance of MessageHandler and add it to the list.

See also:     MessageHandler class     Items