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Specifies whether the listening socket is created with "reuse port" flag.


    void setReuseServerPort(bool Value);
    bool getReuseServerPort(void);

    property ReuseServerPort : boolean;

    Property ReuseServerPort As Boolean

    HRESULT _stdcall IIPCInetTransport4.ReuseServerPort([in] VARIANT_BOOL Value );
    HRESULT _stdcall IIPCInetTransport4.ReuseServerPort([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL * Value);

    bool ReuseServerPort;

    ReuseServerPort as Boolean

    public void setReuseServerPort(boolean value);
    public boolean getReuseServerPort();

[Java ME]
    not applicable;

    void __stdcall IPCInetTransportSetReuseServerPort(HIPCInetTransport h, bool value);
    bool __stdcall IPCInetTransportGetReuseServerPort(HIPCInetTransport h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    This property specifies whether the server socket is created with "reuse" flag set. This flag defines what to do when some socket is already bound to the same address and port. If the flag is not set and the socket is already bound, transport can't be activated.
When the socket is closed, operating system usually blocks it from being re-bound until certain timeout (0.5-4 min) elapses. The "reuse" flag lets the socket to be re-bound ignoring the timeout. However this leads to possibility for two copies of the server to be run without notification that the socket is already bound.

Default value is "true" for packages where this property is implemented/applicable.

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