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Defines how much time the transport should try to connect to remote host and send the message.


    void setAttemptsToConnect(unsigned long Value);
    unsigned long getAttemptsToConnect(void);

    property AttemptsToConnect : cardinal;

    Property AttemptsToConnect As Long

    HRESULT _stdcall AttemptsToConnect([in] unsigned long Value );
    HRESULT _stdcall AttemptsToConnect([out, retval] unsigned long * Value );

    public int AttemptsToConnect;

    Public Property AttemptsToConnect As Integer

    public void setAttemptsToConnect(long value);
    public long getAttemptsToConnect();

[Java ME]
    public void setAttemptsToConnect(int attemptsToConnect);
    public int getAttemptsToConnect();

    void __stdcall IPCInetTransportSetAttemptsToConnect(HIPCInetTransport h, unsigned long value);
    unsigned long __stdcall IPCInetTransportGetAttemptsToConnect(HIPCInetTransport h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    This property defines how much times the transport will try to re-connect if there is an error in connecting to the remote host or when transferring the data. Use 0 to try until the message is delivered or the transport is stopped (in other words, 0 = unlimited). The interval between attempts is defined by AttemptsInterval property.
    It makes sense to set the value to 3 or more attempts. This allows recovery of the broken connection without marking the message being delivered as failed.

    Note: This property is only active when InetTransport is in peer-to-peer and client transport modes.