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Specifies if proxy server is used to esteblish connection to the server.


    void setUseProxy(bool UseProxy);
    bool getUseProxy(void);

    property UseProxy : boolean;

    Property UseProxy As Boolean

    HRESULT UseProxy([in] VARIANT_BOOL Value);
    HRESULT UseProxy([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* Value);

    public bool UseProxy;

    Public Property UseProxy As Boolean

    public void setUseProxy(boolean useProxy);
    public boolean getUseProxy();

[Java ME]
    public void setUseProxy(boolean useProxy);
    public boolean getUseProxy();

    void __stdcall IPCHttpTransportSetUseProxy(HIPCHttpTransport h, int UseProxy);
    int __stdcall IPCHttpTransportGetUseProxy(HIPCHttpTransport h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    Use this property to specify if connection to the server must be esteblished via proxy server. If you want to use this way of connection you have to specify ProxyAddress and ProxyPort properties.

See also:     ProxyAddress     ProxyPort