HttpTransport class

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HttpTransport is a descendant of InetTransport.

HttpTransport is used to send messages across network using HTTP protocol. With HttpTransport each message is sent using POST request.

For information about proxy support, see description of Proxy support in SocketTransport and HTTPTransport


    HttpTransport is a descendant of InetTransport that transfers messages between computers using HTTP protocol. HttpTransport can act in client, server or peer-to-peer modes (use TransportMode property to specify the mode). HttpTransport supports Transformer classes.
    HttpTransport is based on thread-per-connection scheme, so that each connection is handled in the separate thread. Threads can be reused by using a thread pool (set its size with ThreadPoolSize property).

    Message address for HttpMessenger looks like

  • Name is the value of Name property of the transport. Default name for this transport is "HTTP";
  • MessengerName contains URL without http:// prefix (i.e. just address, port and document name) of the recipient transport as defined in recipient's MessengerAddress and MessengerPort properties;
  • QueueName is the name of the queue
  • ClientID can be used in server mode instead of MessengerName in case when client name is unknown.


    Inherited from InetTransport

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    Inherited from InetTransport

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    Inherited from InetTransport