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Defines if simple type of files is used.


    void SetSimple(bool NewValue);
    bool GetSimple(void);

    property Simple: Boolean;

    not applicable;

    not applicable;

    public void SetSimple(bool newValue);
    public bool GetSimple();

    Public Sub SetSimple(ByVal newValue As Boolean)
    Public Function GetSimple() As Boolean

    public void setSimple(boolean newValue);
    public boolean getSimple();

[Java ME]
    public void setSimple(boolean newValue);
    public boolean getSimple();

    not applicable;


    Use this property to determine if simple file format is used. DataTree can work with two types of files: extended (actually the main format used by DataTree) and simple. In simple format key names are not parsed and storing. Binary, Boolean, MultiString and WideString data types are not supporting in the simple format.
     Default value is False.

See also:     This will be replaced with IPCDataTree docs