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Defines how long to wait for some signal from the remote side during message transfer.


    void setMaxTimeout(unsigned long v);
    unsigned long getMaxTimeout();

    property MaxTimeout : LongWord;

    Property MaxTimeOut As Long

    HRESULT _stdcall MaxTimeOut([in] unsigned long Value );
    HRESULT _stdcall MaxTimeOut([out, retval] unsigned long * Value );

    public int MaxTimeout;

    Public Property MaxTimeout As Integer

    public void setMaxTimeout(long timeout);
    public long getMaxTimeout();

[Java ME]
    public void setMaxTimeout(long timeout);
    public long getMaxTimeout();

    void __stdcall IPCBaseTransportSetMaxTimeout(HIPCBaseTransport h, unsigned long value);
    unsigned long __stdcall IPCBaseTransportGetMaxTimeout(HIPCBaseTransport h);


  • h - handle to the object that was returned by Create method


    This property defines the longest possible time between the data block is received from the remote side and connection is broken. Longer timeouts increase stability of the system, but in case of flooding the messenger short timeouts can help to reduce the load.     This property has no meaning for some transports (local transport, for example).