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Turns off the transport, optionally discarding all unsent messages.


    void Shutdown(bool DiscardUnsentMessages);

    procedure Shutdown(DiscardUnsentMessages : boolean);

    not implemented;

    public void Shutdown(bool DiscardUnsentMessages);

    Public Sub Shutdown(DiscardUnsentMessages As Boolean)

    public void shutdown(bool discardUnsentMessages);

[Java ME]
    public void shutdown(bool discardUnsentMessages);

    void IPCBaseTransportShutdown(HIPCBaseTransport h, bool DiscardUnsentMessages);


  • DiscardUnsentMessages - specifies what to do with unsent messages.
  • [DLL]h - handle to the InetTransport object that was returned by Create method


    Use this method to turn off the transport (set Active property to false) and optionally discard all messages, that are in the transport's outgoing queues. Discarding the messages is faster than returning them as failed, so this method can be used when the application is shut down.

See also:     Active