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This event creates temporary stream for large message preparation/unpreparation by transformers


    typedef void (STDCALLCONV *IPCTemporaryStreamEvent)(void* UserData, void* Sender, IPCStream* &Stream);
    public void setOnTempStream(IPCTemporaryStreamEvent Value, void *UserData = NULL);
    public IPCTemporaryStreamEvent getOnTempStream(void * *UserData);

    property OnTempStream: TIPCTemporaryStreamEvent;
    TIPCTemporaryStreamEvent = procedure (Sender :TObject; var Stream : TStream) of object;

Not available

    public IPCTemporaryStreamEvent OnTempStream;
    public delegate void IPCTemporaryStreamEvent(object Sender, ref System.IO.Stream OutStream);

    Public Event OnTempStream As IPCTemporaryStreamEvent
    Public Delegate Sub IPCTemporaryStreamEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByRef OutStream as System.IO.Stream)

    public class IPCTempStreamEvent {
        public IPCRouter getSender();
        public IPCStream getStream();
        public void setStream(IPCStream value);
    public abstract interface IPCTempStreamListener {
        public void handleOnTempStream(IPCTempStreamEvent e);
    public void removeTempStreamListener();
    public void addTempStreamListener(IPCTempStreamListener l);

[Java ME]
    not available

    not available


  • Stream - the stream to use in transformation.


This event is fired when one of transformer classes, linked to BaseTransport needs to perform transforming of large data block. Your code can allocate a temporary stream where temporary data will be stored. This stream will be closed by the transformer class.