Installation and usage of Pascal code package

Pascal code package supports Win32 and Linux platforms. .NET platform is not supported. macOS, iOS and Android targets of Delphi are not supported as well.

Pascal code package of CBFSIPC is shipped in precompiled and source code.

Pascal code package is located in "<CBFSIPC>\Compiled\Pascal" folder. It includes core files, sample applications and MCDataTree, hierarchical storage for information that can be used to pack and transfer data across different platforms.


Packages are pre-compiled and can be installed without compilation. Packages are located in "<CBFSIPC>\Compiled\Pascal\Core\Dy" folder. They are named CBFSIPCDy.bpl, where "y" is Delphi version number.
To install the package into Delphi IDE, use Main menu->Component->Install Packages command and press Add button in the dialog that appears.

Version numbers are:

  1. D5 - Delphi 5
  2. D6 - Delphi 6
  3. D7 - Delphi 7
  4. D9 - Delphi 2005
  5. DX - Delphi 2006 and C++Builder 2006
  6. D11 - Delphi 2007
  7. D12 - Delphi 2009 (Unicode versions start here)
  8. D14 - Delphi 2010
  9. D15 - Delphi XE
  10. D16 - Delphi XE2
  11. D17 - Delphi XE3
  12. D18 - Delphi XE4
  13. D19 - Delphi XE5
  14. D19 - Delphi XE6
  15. D19 - Delphi XE7
  16. D19 - Delphi XE8
  17. D19 - Delphi 10 Seattle
  18. D19 - Delphi 10.1 Berlin

Compilation of packages

Source code packages are located in "<CBFSIPC>\Sources\Pascal\Core" folder. They are named CBFSIPCDy.dpk, where Y is Delphi version number (see the list of versions above).
Open the package in Delphi IDE and press Install. The package will be compiled and installed.

Setting paths

After that you need to put the path "<CBFSIPC>\Compiled\Pascal\Core" to the list of library paths. To do this use Tools->Environment options menu command. Then activate Library page and add the path to the list of paths labeled as "Library path".

Usage of CBFSIPC

There are several sample projects available that will show you the basics of CBFSIPC usage. Also see Getting Started topic in documentation.