Installation and usage of .NET code package

.NET code package of CBFSIPC is shipped as a compiled assembly file and C# source code.

.NET code package is located in "<CBFSIPC>\Compiled\dotNET" folder. It includes core files, sample applications and MCDataTree, hierarchical storage for information that can be used to pack and transfer data across different platforms.

To compile and install the package in Visual Studio you need to open CBFSIPC.sln in Visual Studio IDE and build it. After that you can use CBFSIPC assembly in your application.
You can install CBFSIPC to Toolbox. To do this use Tools->Customize toolbox menu command to open toolbox customization dialog. Then switch to ".NET Framework Components" tab and click "Browse..." button. Select CBFSIPC.dll file and click Ok. Components will be added to the list automatically.