This help system was developed to be cross-platform and to be used flawlessly on different development platforms. It includes declarations for classes, methods, properties and events, suitable for all development tools for which CBFS IPC is available. As you don't need all declarations and samples, you can use filtering to hide unnecessary parts of the topic. Filtering requires JavaScript to be enabled (cookies support is desired). If your browser supports cookies and they are enabled, your choice will be stored; otherwise you will need to apply the filter every time you visit a page.

The classes are named using their generic name in this help file. The "IPC" prefix is omitted (so if you see Queue class name, it is IPCQueue in source code). The classes in Pascal usually have T* prefix, so IPCQueue in Delphi/C++Builder/FreePascal code will become TIPCQueue.
For declarations that don't have classes (DLL and SO declarations) the name of the class is the first part of the function name. Function declarations are defined so that they accept first parameter, which is in fact a pointer to the class instance.