CallbackFilter.ProcessMountVolumeEvent property


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Specifies in which way the application is notified when the volume is attached to or detached from the system.


    property ProcessMountVolumeEvent : LongWord;

[C++ (Lib)]
    CbFltMountEvent GetProcessMountVolumeEvent();
    void SetProcessMountVolumeEvent(CbFltMountEvent Value);

[C++ (VCL)]
    CbFltMountEvent ProcessMountVolumeEvent;

[C++ (.NET)]
    CbFltMountEvent ProcessMountVolumeEvent;

    CbFltMountEvent ProcessMountVolumeEvent;

    Public Property ProcessMountVolumeEvent As CbFltMountEvent

AccessFlag values


Use this property to specify, if the application needs synchronous or asynchronous notification when the volume (usually USB drive) is attached to or detached from the system. Asynchronous notifications come via OnFilterAttachToFsVolumeN and OnFilterDetachFromFsVolumeN at some point in future after the device is mounted or unmounted (the delay can be up to several seconds). If you need to be notified *immediately* after the device is attached (eg. to set some protection filter), use synchronous mode.

See also

OnFilterAttachToFsVolumeC     OnFilterAttachToFsVolumeN     OnFilterDetachFromFsVolumeC     OnFilterDetachFromFsVolumeN