OnGetFileNameByFileId event/delegate/callback


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The event is fired when translation of the File ID to file path must be done.


    property OnGetFileNameByFileId : TCBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent;
    TCBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent = procedure( Sender : TObject; FileId: Int64; var FilePath: TCBString; var FilePathLength: WORD ) of object;
    type TCBString = {$ifdef UNICODE}UnicodeString{$else}WideString{$endif};

[C++ (Lib)]
    void (__stdcall *CBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent)(void* Sender, __int64* FileId, void* FilePath, DWORD * FilePathLength );

[C++ (VCL)]
    typedef void (__closure *CBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent)( System::TObject* Sender, long long FileId, TCBString & FilePath, unsigned long & FilePathLength );

[C++ (.NET)]
    public __delegate void CBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent( CBFSConnect^ Sender, Int64 FileId, String^% FilePath, UInt16% FilePathLength );

    public void CBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent( CBFSConnect Sender, Int64 FileId, ref String FilePath, ref UInt16 FilePathLength );

    Sub CBGetFileNameByFileIdEvent( ByVal Sender As CBFSConnect, ByVal FileId As Int64, ByRef FilePath As String, ByRef FilePathLength As UInt16 )

    void ICbFsFileEvents.onGetFileNameByFileId( CBFSConnect sender, long fileId, stringRef filePath );


  • Sender - reference to the class that called the delegate/event handler
  • FileId - Id of the file, whose path should be retrieved
  • FilePath - the placeholder for the file path. Size of the buffer is equal to MaxFilePathLength characters
  • FilePathLength - Length (in characters without trailing NULL) of the file path, placed to FilePath parameter


The following callback routine is called to get a file name (with full path to it) based on a file id. This callback is called only when someone tries to open a file by its FileId (when FILE_OPEN_BY_FILE_ID is specified during ZwCreateFile call). After it this name is used to open the file (the OnOpenFile callback with this name is called). FileId == 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF denotes the root directory (i.e. "\").

The event is optional i.e. if you don't support file IDs, you don't need to handle the event. However, if you use Hard Links feature, you must handle this event.

Error handling

See Error handling topic for detailed information about how to report errors, which occur in the event handlers, back to CBFS Connect.