CBOpenedFilesSnapshot.GetNextOpenedFile method


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Reads information about the next opened file and sets the properties of the snapshot accordingly.


    function GetNextOpenedFile() : boolean;

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    bool GetNextOpenedFile();

[C++ (VCL)]
    bool __fastcall GetNextOpenedFile();

[C++ (.NET)]
    bool GetNextOpenedFile();

    bool GetNextOpenedFile();

    Function GetNextOpenedFile() as Boolean

    boolean getNextOpenedFile();

Return values

TRUE / true if the function succeeded and information has been returned or FALSE / false if the enumeration is complete and no information has been returned.


Use this method to get information about the opened file. The information is accessible via the corresponding properties.
[.NET] [Java] Call Close() method to close the snapshot and release the handle.

Call from...

This method may be called only from outside of callback / event handlers.

See also

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