CBHandleInfo.GetCreatorThreadId method


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Returns the Thread ID of the thread, that opened the file handle


    function GetCreatorThreadId() : LongWord;

[C++ (Lib)]
    unsigned long GetCreatorThreadId();

[C++ (VCL)]
    unsigned long __fastcall GetCreatorThreadId();

[C++ (.NET)]
    unsigned long GetCreatorThreadId();

    UInt32 GetCreatorThreadId();

    Function GetCreatorThreadId() As UInt32

    long getCreatorThreadId();

Return values

The ID of the thread.


Use GetCreatorThreadId to get the thread ID of the thread that opened the file handle.

Note that the thread ID is guaranteed to be unique only during lifetime of the thread. When the thread is terminated, its ID can be used by other threads.

Call from...

This method may be called only from callback / event handlers.

See also

GetCreatorProcessId method     GetCreatorProcessName method