CBFileInfo class


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The class contains various information about the open file or directory.


    TCBFileInfo = class
      property UserContext : Pointer;
      property FileName : WideString;
      property Volume : TCBFSConnect;

[C++ (Lib)]
    class CBFileInfo
        void* get_UserContext();
        void set_UserContext(void* Value);
        DWORD get_FileName(LPTSTR OutBuf);
        void set_FileName(LPCTSTR Value);
        CBFSConnect* get_Volume(void);

[C++ (VCL)]
    class TCBFileInfo
      __property void* UserContext;
      __property WideString FileName;
      __property TCBFSConnect* Volume;

[C++ (.NET)]
    ref class CBFileInfo
      property IntPtr UserContext;
      property String^ FileName;
      property CBFSConnect^ Volume;

    class CBFileInfo
      property IntPtr UserContext;
      property string FileName;
      property CBFSConnect^ Volume;

    Class CBFileInfo
      Property UserContext As IntPtr
      Property FileName As String
      Property Volume As CBFSConnect
    End Class

    class CBFileInfo
      Object getUserContext();
      void setUserContext(Object value);
      string getFileName();
      void setFileName(string value);
      CBFSConnect getVolume();


  • UserContext - User-defined data which is available in event handlers / callbacks while the file is opened
  • FileName - The name of the file or directory
  • Volume - reference to the instance of CBFSConnect class, which manages the file or directory


This class is used as a placeholder for various information related to the file or directory, which was opened by CBFS Connect. An instance of this class is passed as a parameter for various events which are used to perform file or directory operations. The application can use the information contained in this class to access the file or directory which it opened or created before.
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