CBFSConnect.CreateStorage method


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Creates a storage.


    procedure CreateStorage();

[C++ (Lib)]
    void CreateStorage();

[C++ (VCL)]
    void __fastcall CreateStorage();

[C++ (.NET)]
    void CreateStorage();

    void CreateStorage();

    Sub CreateStorage()

    void createStorage();


Use this method to create new storage ("virtual disk drive") in the system. The function creates a storage without creating any default mounting points. You can add a mounting point using AddMountingPoint method.

To start using the "device", call MountMedia method, which will "insert a disk to the drive".

Before using CreateStorage method for the first time after the application start you need to call Initialize method to initialize CBFS Connect.

Call from...

This method may be called only from outside of callback / event handlers.

Extended error logging

If an error happens, this method throws an exception and puts additional information to Windows system log as described here.

See also

AddMountingPoint     DeleteStorage     Initialize     MountMedia