CBFS Connect: A Filesystem Driver SDK for Windows

Create File Systems on Windows - Now in User-Mode

CBFS Connect is a library that enables you to present various data as the files and directories of a local virtual disk. Regardless of where the actual data are kept -- in files, in database records, in memory, or elsewhere -- they will be treated as if they were part of a single file system.

CBFS Connect consists of pre-created kernel-mode drivers and a user-mode API available for .NET, C++, and VCL (Delphi and C++Builder).

What CBFS Connect Offers

CBFS Connect provides a ready-to-use file system driver, which routes requests going to the file system to your user-mode code. Your user-mode code receives the request and processes it by accessing or modifying the actual data that resides anywhere you need. Also, the user-mode API for C++, .NET, Java and VCL (Delphi, C++Builder) enables you to control the driver and to handle requests originated by the driver.

Source Code

The CBFS Connect license opens access to the source code of the user-mode APIs. Also, you can purchase a license that includes the source code of kernel-mode drivers and helper DLLs. Extra source code allows you (both legally and technically) to build custom versions of the driver (e.g., with customized version information -- so-called "branded" drivers).

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