Why Choose CBFS Connect over Dokan and Dokany?

About CBFS Connect

CBFS Connect is a software component (library) that enables you to present various data as the files and directories of a local virtual disk. Regardless of where the actual data are kept -- in files, in database records, in memory, or elsewhere -- they will be treated as if they comprised a single file system. CBFS Connect consists of a system-level driver and a user-mode API. You write only user-mode code, leaving all the kernel hassles for CBFS Connect to solve.

Why Use CBFS Connect?

With hundreds of clients and millions of deployments, CBFS Connect is the trusted SDK for virtualized Windows file systems.

  • Technology you can rely on: CBFS Connect was designed by professional software developers working in a well-established business, and it was designed with reliability and business suitability in mind. CBFS Connect is maintained, supported, and regularly updated to work flawlessly with the latest versions of Windows.
  • Windows-oriented architecture: Designed for Windows, CBFS Connect surpasses SDKs based on FUSE -- but, CBFS Connect does have a FUSE interface enabling ports to Windows. With a comprehensive implementation of the Windows file system, CBFS Connect is the only SDK able to provide enterprise-grade solutions, from integrations with legacy applications to new applications innovating with nontraditional data sources.

Professional Products Provide Professional Reliability

Download the complete whitepaper for details on each item below.

CBFS Connect Dokan Dokany
Professionally written and maintained code
Many functional sample applications for all supported APIs and platforms
Comprehensive documentation
Timely updates and compatibility improvements
Clear roadmap for future development
Guaranteed support
Business responsibility
Cost of Ownership Predictable and consistent Unpredictable Unpredictable

Windows-Oriented Architecture Means Better Technology

Download the complete whitepaper for details on each item below.

CBFS Connect Dokan(y)
UNC paths
Hard links
Fine-grained control over user access
Optional use of file Ids instead of filenames
File system quota support
Handling of reparse points
Handling of custom requests
Fine-grained control over file system representation
Custom disk icons in Explorer
ACL-based security support
Network mounting points
Plug-n-play mode with device emulation

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