I need to monitor file operations on the server. Is this possible with CBFS Filter?

When you need to track the file operations that are performed on a remote system (usually a file server), you need to understand the specifics and limitations of file system filtering technology.

The CBFS Filter driver must be installed on the computer that you need to monitor. You can monitor mounted remote disks, but only for operations that originate from the computer where the CBFS Filter is installed.

Example: If you have a server S to monitor and you have two clients (C1 and C2), you have the following options:

  1. Install CBFS Filter on S.
  2. Install CBFS Filter on C1 and C2 to track operations on disks shared by S when such operations are performed on C1 and C2 accordingly.

If you install the driver only on C1, you will be able to capture operations that are performed on S only by C1 and not by C2.

Modification of requests

Correct modification of Read and Write requests (e.g. for the purpose of encrypting the data) is possible only for local file systems and doesn't work with network devices (including locally mounted remote shared storage).

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