How do I format a partition to CBFS Storage format?

Before any operation with a physical volume or disk, you must set a valid registration key using the CBFSStorage.SetRegistrationKey method. You can then follow the process below:

  1. Call the CBFSStorage.FormatVolume method to format the physical volume to the CBFS Storage file system. Before formatting, you can set the PageSize, Logo, StorageEncryption and StoragePassword properties, which will be used during the format (if you like to use plain C functions, you have to make StorageFormatVolume, StorageOpenVolume, and StorageSetEncryption calls in order to encrypt the volume). Also, you can set the OnProgress event handler, which will be called during the formatting to show the progress of the operation.

  2. The physical disk (or partition) will then be recognized by the OS as CBFS Storage formatted. Check if the disk is CBFS Storage formatted using the CBFSStorage.IsCBFSStorageVolume method.

  3. To use the CBFS Storage formatted disk, open it with the CBFSStorage.OpenVolume method. At this point, the UseTransactions and UseAccessTime properties are used to open the volume in the appropriate mode.

    If the StoragePassword property is set, it is used to open the encrypted storage. If the storage password is not specified, you can set it later with the same property and use the CBFSStorage.OpenRootData and CBFSStorage.CheckPassword methods before specifying the password.

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