Is CBFS Storage subject to fragmentation?

Fragmentation is not an issue for CBFS Storage; see the following for more information.

Fragmentation was a problem on physical HDD disks with moving heads: to read and write sectors, the HDD has to reposition heads and this slows down reading and writing. On modern multicore processors, with a number of files being read and written in parallel, fragmentation is not that influential, as it was in the MS DOS days. Also, fragmentation is not applicable to flash drives (SSD, flash cards, etc).

In the case of CBFS Storage, the volume is a file on the regular disk (it's usually an HDD, SSD, or flash card), so having or not having the data written sequentially in CBFS Storage, the storage doesn't matter because the storage file is often fragmented as well. If CBFS Storage is stored remotely or in memory, the sequence of the pages doesn't matter, either.

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