When some file request is handled by the callback/event handler (e.g., OnReadFile), are other requests for the same file waiting or can callback/event handlers be called for those requests at the same time?

By default, all requests for one file are handled sequentially: the next callback/event handler is called only after the previous one has been finished. For different files requests can be handled in parallel (this depends on how the SerializeCallbacks and ThreadPoolSize properties are set).

In version 4, a new property has been introduced — ParallelProcessingAllowed (Boolean, with a default value of false). If this property is set true, any request that doesn't change the file system state (file read, directory enumeration, get file attributes, etc.) can be called in parallel to other similar requests for the same file. For example, if the process reads from the file in multiple threads (to speed up file reading), you can set the ParallelProcessingAllowed property to true to get multiple OnReadFile callback/event handlers called in parallel.

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