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Digital Rights Management (DRM) with CBFS Storage

This article provides an overview of how CBFS Storage secures confidential information and prevents unauthorized access from third parties to this information.

Is CBFS Storage FIPS Certified?

Is CBFS Storage FIPS certified?

What tools are provided to format storages or check them for errors?

Everything is built in. Check the FormatFixedSize and CheckAndRepair methods in the CBFS Storage engine.…

Is CBFS Storage subject to fragmentation?

Fragmentation is not an issue for CBFS Storage; see the following for more information. Fragmentation was a problem on physical HDD disks with moving heads: to r…

How do I format a partition to CBFS Storage format?

Before any operation with a physical volume or disk, you must set a valid registration key using the CBFSStorage.SetRegistrationKey method. You can then follow t…

Using PKI-Based Security with CBFS Storage

This article reviews the functions and implementations of PKI-based security with CBFS Storage.

Are drivers available for all major platforms?

The OS edition and drivers are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. On mobile devices the functionality of the OS edition can be accomplished with the Applic…

How do I limit the size of the storage (for example, when the storage is to be written on a CD or DVD)?

How do I limit the size of the storage (for example, when the storage is to be written on CD or DVD)?

Use of the Callback Mode in CBFS Storage

This article reviews the use of Callback Mode in CBFS Storage

How can I protect my storage from being accessed by CBFS Storage Explorer or by other users of CBFS Storage?

Use callback mode. In callback mode you are responsible for reading and writing the pages of the storage from/to the underlying media. In callback mode you can t…

How is the password asked for when some application accesses a password-protected file?

If the Password property is set and the file is protected using the same password as specified in the Password property, then this password is used. In other cas…

What happens if I allow access to the storage for an application that also runs applications? Will these other applications be able to access the drive?

What happens if a an application that accesses the storage also runs another application? Will this other application be able to access the drive?

Why is adding files so slow?

When you add files to the storage, you can experience a significant slowdown. This happens when you add a large file to the newly created and resized storage. Th…

Why is the added mounting point not visible in Explorer?

Explorer will update the information about the existing mount points only after it receives the WM_DEVICECHANGE message. This message is broadcasted automaticall…

How do I improve the performance of CBFS Storage?

CBFS Storage performance can be measured as the speed of operations or as the size of the storage file. On the file system level, CBFS Storage operates with page…

Can I access a storage from several applications?

With the Application edition of CBFS Storage, the same storage can be opened by more than one application at the same time only when all applications access the …

CBFS Storage vs. ZIP

Comparison of CBFS Storage and ZIP