Customer Testimonials

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The following is a small sample of comments we have received from our customers and user community. Keep in mind that Callback Technologies was formerly EldoS, but the same team is providing top-quality software and great customer service.

I would like to give a big Thank you for the quality of their components and fast support. Not only do I trust the components but I trust the company. My appreciation comes from having to deal with other companies that produce buggy software and the time I have to invest in building test cases to prove or demonstrate a bug. Companies beyond coding also have bad reps for things that don't work, and long wait times waiting for a representative when calling in. William E.

I'd like to compliment you on your great service. I personally never experienced any company with such great support. I opened a support ticket and was amazed by the quick responses. Your technical support personnel was really helpful, answered extremely quick and professional and really seemed dedicated to solve our problem. I hope you can keep this up, this great support really makes me confident to recommend your software to everyone. Arjan P.

I must say that I am extremely happy that I purchased your library, largely because of the excellent support.David F.

Our experience with this product has been very good, especially in areas where the native Microsoft classes have not been of much help.Joel P.

It's small, simple, and clean. It's not trying to be all things to all people, while at the same time it can be the foundation for a variety of complex messaging applications.Kevin P.

This is a fantastic product, not only is it easy to use, but it's also extremely powerful. It allows you to focus on the business objective of your project rather than the, sometimes daunting, intricacies of connectivity and data delivery. I find myself wondering how I ever lived without this (aside from spending countless hours of custom coding). Not only is this a great product, but the service is incredible. Requests are turned around in a matter of days, if not hours. I can't say enough about this product and company.Rick M.

I think your products are is fantastic, we have done everything from P2P File transfers to LAN IM ClientsServers and you never failed to supply the goods we needed. It's also a great benefit that the staff is helpful and replies promptly.Adam L.

I am recommending your company to every developer that asks me. You're really a wonderful example of how software companies should be. Fast, kind with customers, effective and prompt on bugfixes. GREAT!!Federiko S.

Kudos to you for such a great product! My programmers like it enormously. We were able to plan and develop complex storage and data management application within allocated timeframe. Thank you for giving us individual support from the beginning.Steve W.

I used this for several applications already. You've implemented it very efficiently. Lots of smart ideas without sacrificing reliability. All this at very reasonable price. Thank you.Rayan H.

Our company had a contract to develop USDH-compliant encrypted storage for medical images like surgery footage. No doubt, Solid File System was a right choice. I would estimate that it reduced our development cycle by at least a factor of two. It handles our data securely and reliably. Thank you, Eugene, for supporting our efforts from the beginning by giving excellent advises from the time of our evaluation till now.Henk De J.

I bought your components because of convenient, easy to learn API, plus there is really no match (literally!) on the market. It provides neat functional capabilities. I will recommend it to all my peers working on complex storage solutions.Andrew K.

This is one of the best, easiest to use Delphi components we have ever seen. The documentation was amazing, the tech support impeccable, and the communication, unwavering.You have allowed our product to exhibit enterprise-grade security within a minimal timespan; highly recommended!Adrian G.

With your component, I was able to implement my data recovery utility for Vista in just a few hours. Thank you for the great product!Miroslav S.

After the release of Vista, we faced serious problems porting our proprietary low-level data analysis tool. Thanks to the creators of RawDisk! Problems are solved before the deadline and under budget. We had a couple of technical questions during the porting process and had to use your tech support. Your consultants really know what they're talking about! They helped us in no time. Michael B.

I was looking for direct disk access SDK for some time. I'm glad I found you guys. Your component is easy and efficient. I completed my project unexpectedly fast and certainly will buy from you again.Lisa W.

We would be glad to recommend your product. It is very intuitive, easy and comfortable to use. The code and license were delivered just an hour after payment. Your support is efficient. Thanks a lot!David G.

Our data need to be accessed quickly, but not exposed to other users or applications. On-the-fly encryption of data provided by your component came very handy. You've got a great product and nice team. Thank you.Michael P.

Our company needed an easy way to regulate data access on a low level. There is not much on the market, and your component helped us 100%. Thank you for providing an example that also helped us to fix the meal in the shortest time.Devon H.

We decided to purchase your product to implement continuous data protection for our data storage. Our developer was happy with the quality of the code, easy intuitive interface, and great support. The project was a complete success!Al K.

Trying to make a dozen virtual disks in distributed storage? Try your products or abandon the whole idea... Excellent well-designed and well-QAed SDK. Fast helpful support. Thanks guys!Carlos U.

We tried your demos and modified them according to our requirements. As far as we have come with our testing, we were very pleased with the way your component works - compact easy installation, well-done demos, good VCL integration and proper documentation.Stefan B.

We needed a functionality to pull our data from different places with restricted access from our application only. CBFS made this task a really easy one owing to the simplicity of API and fast responses we were getting from online support and Mr. Mayevski himself. We will undoubtedly recommend your products to other organizations, as well as you can count on us in case you need a reference. Nuno Q.

It works great. It only took me about 6 hours to get our prototype up and running. We are now deciding when to start this project.Nathan S.

It took us some time to find a component which makes possible integration of data from numerous sources in form of read-only files on a virtual disk. CBFS does it perfectly. We were able to implement our distributed storage solution in very short time.John S.

The product your company designed is wonderful, truly is one of a kind. When I found it on a Google search I was excited that I finally found something that would allow me to do what I wanted from the very beginning. And better yet, in a managed language! Your API is well documented and the information in that regard is very useful and relevant.Eaton Z.

The CBFS SDK is easy to use. It has intuitive API that doesn't take much time to learn. The learning is aided by a responsive support team. Thank you.Carlos T.

Kindly take my applause for this excellent CBFS SDK. I implemented all functionalities of a virtual disk I needed in less than two days. And, arey, it’s fast!Amitha K.

I am so used to Linux FUSE that working in Windows without it is difficult. CBFS quickly solved all my problems. Support was fast and helpful.Aiguo L.

They provided ample support when we prototyped our product using CBFS for Delphi. The turnaround time on communication was the best we have ever seen. We would recommend them time and time again.Adrian G.

Great product! And with all these updates and excellent support really makes me think its worth the money 100%Helge S.