End of Life Announcement for EldoS Callback Software Product Line

Callback Technologies, Inc. announces the end of life of the EldoS Corporation Limited's Callback software product line, which Callback Technologies purchased as part of an IP asset acquisition. This group of products includes the flagship Callback File System along with Callback Filter, Callback Disk, Callback Registry, Callback Process, Solid File System, RawDisk, and MsgConnect. This announcement applies to all customers using these software products distributed by EldoS Corporation Limited. Effective immediately, new licenses, maintenance releases, upgrades, updates, and software fixes will no longer be available for the EldoS Corporation Limited Callback software product line.

With this announcement also comes the introduction of Callback Technologies Inc. CBFS® line of products. Callback Technologies engineers have upgraded and replaced the Eldos Callback Software products with new versions while retaining the same API as their predecessors to ensure an easy transition and a familiar development experience.

Product Migration Options

Pursuant to the EldoS Corporation Limited End User License Agreement, EldoS customers may continue to use the EldoS Callback software, including any previous upgrades which EldoS Corporation Limited provided, perpetually. However, customers are encouraged to migrate to the new Callback Technologies, Inc. CBFS® product line. These new products are actively developed and supported and Callback Technologies plans to release new features and bug fixes regularly.

Callback Technologies offers previous EldoS customers a number of licensing options as well as the ability to purchase annual support and maintenance. For more information, please contact us.

New Product List