Secomba Boxcryptor

Secomba Builds a Secure Virtual Drive with CBFS® Connect.

Secomba's flagship product, Boxcryptor, makes it easy for anyone, even non-techies, to encrypt data on any device, upload it to the cloud and collaborate on their data.

Boxcryptor brings unbreakable encryption to cloud data stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and 30+ popular cloud storage providers — according to Boxcryptor’s encryption page, cracking the encryption used by Boxcryptor would take longer than the presumed age of the universe.

When Secomba needed to create a virtual drive for Boxcryptor, they trusted CBFS Connect as a secure, market-tested solution.

The Challenge

When developing Boxcryptor for Windows, Secomba opted for a virtual-drive-based solution integrated into the local file system that would transparently handle file encryption and decryption. Since implementing a virtual drive in this way involved developing and integrating a file system driver, Secomba sought a reliable SDK that would make development fast and easy.

The Options

Secomba considered two solutions:

  • CBFS Connect

  • The open-source Dokany file system

Given their requirement for a stable, supported solution, CBFS Connect was the natural choice.

*"Dokan(y) has been evaluated as an alternative, but CBFS Connect is more mature, more professional and more stable," said *Robert Freudenreich, Founder & CTO of Secomba.

The Secure, Easy-to-Use Solution

Secomba selected CBFS Connect as their tool of choice to build a virtual drive.

Regardless of where data is stored — in local or remote files, database records, memory, or across the internet — CBFS Connect makes it possible to treat it as if it were stored on a local file system or local network. CBFS Connect enabled Boxcryptor to present data as a file system located on a virtual disk — and do so without having to write any drivers that would require kernel development. The core features of CBFS Connect allowed Boxcryptor to:

  • Hide data location from any user or application and control data access through permission schemas

  • Modify remote data on-the-fly and avoid replication overhead

  • Apply NTFS security to non-file data

Just as important for Boxcryptor, these features came with the support of a mature company that stands behind its products.

What Made The Difference?

CBFS Connect's maturity and stability made it the top choice for Boxcryptor.

"CBFS Connect is the first choice for implementing virtual drive functionality on Windows. It’s stable, mature, well-documented and easy to use," Freudenreich said.

The Results

Secomba developed a virtual drive for Boxcryptor in less than two weeks. Boxcryptor now uses CBFS Connect to provide transparent file encryption and decryption in its Windows version. Boxcryptor users securely encrypt data across more than 30 popular cloud storage providers, and CBFS Connect technology helps make it all possible.