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EOL for EldoS Callback Products

Callback Technolgoies has aquired the IP related to EldoS Corporation Limited's Callback product line and has announced the end of life for those products. Learn More.

Introducing CBFS® Filter 2017

EldoS Callback Filter has been upgraded and replaced with CBFS® Filter. This new component gives you control over installation location and includes many new API features. Learn More.

Introducing CBFS® Connect 2017

EldoS Callback File System has been upgraded and replaced with CBFS® Connect. Enjoy more API features, such as file locking and reparse points. Download it today! Learn More.

Introducing CBFS® Disk 2017

EldoS Callback Disk has been upgraded and replaced with CBFS® Disk. This new component helps you create virtual disks in the easiest possible way. Learn More.

/n software Acquires EldoS Products

Today we are proud to announce that EldoS Corporation's products has been acquired by /n software. We are truly excited to be joining such a stalwart of the developer community. Learn More.