About Callback Technologies

Fortune 500 companies, government, and universities rely on Callback Technologies for custom file storage containers, access control, and security software. The team and technology behind Callback Technologies have been offering enterprise-grade secure file transfer and storage components for over 20 years and they have often been recognized for outstanding technology and support.

CBFS® Products

Callback Technolgoies acquired the IP related to EldoS Corporation Limited's Callback product line and has upgraded and replaced these products with the CBFS® product line. To ensure that EldoS customers can easily transisiton, CBFS® products expose the same API as their predecessors. With the introduction of the CBFS® product line, also comes the End of Life for the EldoS Callback software, which includes Callback File System, Callback Filter, Callback Disk, Callback Registry, Callback Process, Solid File System, RawDisk, and MsgConnect. Please read the End of Life annoucement for full details.

Products included:

  • CBFS® Connect - Create virtual file systems and disks that expose and manage remote data as if it were files on the local disk.
  • CBFS® Filter - Monitor and control disk activity, track file and directory operations, alter file data, encrypt files, and more.
  • CBFS® Disk - Create virtual drives, format them to FAT or NTFS or other filesystems, and mount as if they were physical devices.
  • CBFS® Registry - Monitor and control Windows Registry access, track key operations, and alter data.
  • CBFS® Process - Notify your application when a process or a thread is created or terminated.
  • CBFS® Storage - Embed a feature-rich file system into your application as a virtual disk.
  • CBFS® Direct - Direct access to files and disks for user-mode applications, bypassing security limitations of Windows® operating systems.
  • CBFS® IPC - Protocol-independent framework designed to build peer-to-peer and client-server applications and middleware components.