About Callback Technologies

Callback Technologies is the leading provider of developer components for virtual file storage, access control, monitoring, and security. For over two decades, developers have trusted our system-level components to build secure cloud storage solutions and virtual file systems. Our engineers have deep knowledge in systems programming, networking, and security and are experts in providing tools that can accomplish the most technical tasks while requiring minimal code.

  • Located in the North Carolina Research Triangle, a thriving tech hub
  • Decades of combined experience in systems and security engineering
  • Recognized for outstanding service and support

We Power Leading Brands Worldwide

Leading brands trust our technology to power their commercial solutions. Companies identified as leaders and visionaries by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms, such as Microsoft, Box, Citrix, Engyte, and Blackberry OEM our products as part of their cloud file storage offerings. Other leading tech companies, including Intel, HP, and Seagate, also rely on our products to develop custom file storage and monitoring software.

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CBFS® Products

Callback Technologies acquired the IP related to EldoS Corporation Limited's Callback product line and has upgraded and replaced these products with the CBFS product line. To ensure that EldoS customers can easily transition, CBFS products expose the same API as their predecessors. With the introduction of the CBFS product line also comes the End of Life for the EldoS Callback software, which includes Callback File System, Callback Filter, Callback Disk, Callback Registry, Callback Process, Solid File System, RawDisk, and MsgConnect. Please read the End of Life announcement for full details.